Our History

Diamond Envelope Corporation is a family entrepreneurial business, manufacturing and coordinating direct mail marketing products. Our main focus and operation is envelope manufacturing with value-added services available. Diamond Envelope’s mission is servicing our customers’ needs by being the best at delivering a high quality product on time, while exceeding all our customer’s expectations. 

Meet our amazing team

Our staff is extremely qualified to help your business grow

The Jania Family is present and available every single day, accessible to our entire staff. There is no “hands-off” managerial style. Our founder, Alan Jania, instilled an open-door policy which assures corporate transparency. Our most important commitment is the presence and involvement in the manufacturing operation. Interacting and working with the manufacturing staff is an integral part of each manager’s day. 

Our Executive Team

The Diamond Envelope Executive Team has been the backbone of this corporation since the beginning. Since 1984, the Executive Team has been comprised of members of the Jania family. The Jania family continues to grow this company in new and unthinkable ways. Diamond Envelope is a family-owned business that strives to make all their employees and customers feel like they are part of the family.

Judy Jania

Chairman of the Board & President

Alan Jania


Susan Foley


Our Leadership Team 

Diamond Envelope Corporation thrives on the connection between each of our departments. We are a company that gives our clients everything they deserve, from an outstanding customer service department to an efficient production department. This company relies on effective communication between all of its employees, no matter what department they work in.

Aracely Aguilera

Senior Director of Human Resources

Shannon Ryson

Vice President of Sales

Diane Valha

Executive Director of Administration

Ryan Vahl

Process Improvement Manager

Ed Colon

Senior Advisor to CEO

Brenda Bryan

Accounting & Finance Director

Sandy Vahl

Director of Client Services

Scott Grajeda

Director of Operations