“We have worked with Diamond Envelope for many years. Diamond has always have been fair and upfront with what their scope of work is. When a problem has arisen, they have always been willing to help find a solution that would work for both parties. Many times, Diamond has worked outside the box to help with a problem. We have multiple envelope vendors for diversity reasons. When one of Diamonds competitors has an issue and cannot fulfill their agreement, Diamond is always there to pick up the pieces and usually keeps the new business. Multiple times Diamond has been willing to work with us on unique cost savings measures that will work for both Diamond and us. All of this comes down to the fact that Diamond cares about its customers. Because they care, they help find solutions to problems. Diamond will make phone calls and emails to check on customers and provide updates on the status of orders. They are even willing to travel to their customer. All of this is done to know they are here to help and do not beg for more business. They realize business is about relationships and we are not a number or statistic for their books.”

Auto Industry Executive

“Diamond Envelope has exceptional customer service and attention to detail. They will partner with you to solve customer concerns and are forthcoming with communication.  Specifically, we had an issue with a customer error on artwork. Diamond caught it early and went above and beyond to help rectify the situation with minimal impact to the client. I highly recommend Diamond for your envelope needs.”

Val from a Direct Mail Company

“The customer service from Sylvia at Diamond Envelope takes the worry out of the process for us. They plan from an annual schedule and help us stay on track, watching out for us at every step, to ensure we have what we need at all times. It’s a great two-way partnership that keeps our jobs moving and our clients happy. Counting on Diamond takes the guess work out of envelope buying!”

Barbara, from Healthcare Industry

“My experiences with Diamond Envelope have always been positive. So far, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shannon, Aaron, and Mike. In all situations, I felt valued as a client, and my orders’ needs were kept. My timelines are strict, and they’ve always been able to communicate the status of my projects throughout each stage of production. I would recommend Diamond Envelope for anyone seeking custom envelope production and excellent customer service!”

Account Executive from Lexington, KY

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