At the end of the year, we recognize our employees for their hard work. Congratulations to our winners!

Office Employee of the Year: Mike N.
Tom Wolverton Training Award: Antony B. & Rigoberto G.
Safety Award: Emilia N.

In memory of Alan, Diamond Envelope is proud to announce the 2023 M&M Award Winners. The M&M Award was first announced at the 2017 Christmas party and is designed to have employees recognize their co-workers for acts of kindness throughout the year. This award was made to celebrate Diamond Envelope’s late founder, Alan Jania, who passed way in May of 2016. When an employee recognizes someone doing something extra or nice that person is rewarded with a bag of Peanut M&M’s (Alan’s favorite). This goes on and is tracked throughout the year until the Christmas Party.

This year’s M&M Award Winners:

1st Place: Jose E., 2nd place, John M.

The tally has already started and the M&M race is on!!