Use up that real estate!

We’re talking about that extra white space, use it! When sending a bill or statement, the outer envelope offers a chance to promote your brand, cross-sell a product, or up-sell a different product through a “trans promotional” message on the outer portion. We see many companies using the flap of the envelope for return addresses and the back used for customer testimonials.

Cool to the touch!

No, we’re not talking about temperature. We mean it feels cool to touch, like embossed envelopes or different types of paper like a gloss or matte paper stocks. Other styles include foil stamped envelopes or different types of coatings that can be used to make them look and feel different. Envelopes that are cool to touch are often more likely to be handled longer as it stands out! It’s almost like walking down the aisle in the store and having to touch all the soft blankets.

Stay Connected

The paper envelope offers an opportunity to combine physical and digital communications. QR and Augmented Reality (AR) Codes have become hugely popular, especially with millennials. They offer the mail recipient a chance to physically see and feel the message and enjoy technology they’ve become accustomed to using. Often, you’ll see the logos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to let you know that they are on those platforms. Speaking of these, have you followed us yet?